Quality replacement heads, foils, parts and accessories for your Philips HQ5800 electric shaver.

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    Philips / Norelco 37,5W Motor Unit Compatible with : HQ4630 HQ4830 HQ5625 HQ5800 HQ5806 HQ5811 HQ5812 HQ5813 HQ5814 HQ5816 HQ5818 HQ5823 HQ5824 HQ6605 HQ6613 HQ6675 HQ6695 HQ6696 HQ6831 HQ6842 HQ6843 HQ6849 HQ6853 HQ6854 HQ6857 HQ6859 3605X 5810XL 5811XL 5812XL 6613X 6843XL 6853XL 64601X 6482XL 6484XL 6486XL 5625X Genuine Spare Part - 482236110959

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